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Talking About Background Checks

Would you like to run a background check?

Who can initiate one of these reports?

What kinds of background checks are there?

What does a typical report look like?

These are a few of the questions people commonly have when it comes to the topic of background checks and screenings.

Couples have concerns and questionsThere are several companies in the United States that can access thousands of databases all across the world. They can pull together data from these different databases in order to provide you with some basic information on almost anyone you want.

You can generally find phone numbers, addresses, demographic and census data.

You can also read about criminal history, public financial records, property ownership and other information that is held in these different databases.

There are many reasons someone might have which would make them want to start a public records report on someone.

One of the main reasons is when a company checks into someone's past before they hire them for a job. These pre-employment screenings are becoming more common every day.

But there are many reasons why individuals are requesting history screenings on other individuals as well. People sometimes want to know more about someone they interact with or are entering into a relationship with.

Some of these people might include the following:

• Someone you are considering doing business with
• A teacher or coach
• A new doctor
• That new guy or gal you are dating
• A baby sitter or day care operator
• Friends of your son or daughter
• Someone you want to hire to work in your home
• An old friend
• Someone who owes you money
• A long missing relative

Thousands of ordinary people order background checks to find out what they need to know about some of the people that affect them and their lives.

Normally, these background reports indicate there is nothing wrong with the person you are checking up on. But sometimes you may learn something surprising about that person who you have had a suspicion about for a while.

Do they have an arrest record? Have they spent time in prison? Are they not as successful in their business as they say they are? Have they lied to you?

You may find out the answers to these questions.

We don't provide background checks ourselves. But we do have some information about companies that do: has been reviewing professional screening services for over 10 years. is a sister site of the same company, but they focus on low-cost services. summarizes the most popular criminal record database checkers.

Backgrounc Check discusses some of the easiest to use public records firms that are available to ordinary citizens. focuses on companies that provide history screening companies for employers and landlords.

We are interested in hearing from you about your own experience with any well-known history check service. If you had either a good experience or a bad experience, let us know about it.

Just remember that not all searches provide a lot of good, actionable details. Some people just don't have a lot in their history, and some searches bring back irrelevant, or even incorrect, findings.